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Stoody Industrial and Welding Supply, Inc.

2006 Military Catalog

        1. Abrasives

        2. Air Tools (pneumatic) and Accessories

        3. Burrs

        4. Carbon Arc, PECU, Underwater Cutting Equipment and Accessories

        5. Chemicals, Fluids, Oils, Powders, Flux, Pastes, Etc.

        6. Drill Bits

        7. Exhausters / Blowers and Accessories

        8. Filler Metals / Electrodes and Ovens & Rod Holders

        9. Fire Extinguishers

      10. Gas Cutting, Heating & Welding Tips

      11. Gas Distribution Equipment: Tubing, Fittings & Related Items

      12. Gas Welding/Cutting Equipment: Regulators, Torches, Machines, Etc.

      13. Gas/Cylinder and Cryogenic Accessories: Regulators, Fittings, Hoses/Reels, Detectors, Igniters, Etc.

      14. Gases and Cylinders

      15. Hand Tools / Layout Devices

      16. Markers

      17. MIG (GMAW & FCAW) Welding Equipment and Accessories

      18. Miscellaneous

      19. Plasma Cutting and Welding Equipment

      20. Plasma Cutting-Replacement Torch Parts

      21. Positioners & Pipe Rollers (Welding) - and Accessories

      22. Power Tools and Accessories

      23. Safety Equipment and Accessories

      24. Saw Blades

      25. Spot and Stud Welding Equipment and Accessories

      26. Stick (SMAW) Welding Equipment and Accessories

      27. Temperature indicators

      28. TIG (GTAW) Welding Equipment and Accessories

      29. Wire Wheels (Power)

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Best of the Welding Current

The 'Best of the Welding Current' is an impressive collection (40+ pages) of in-depth information, procedures, tips and trivia about many topics such as gases & cylinders, gas equipment, fire, safety, tools, welding & metallurgy written in an accessable and engaging style.

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